Why did you change your name to lismio?

We’ve wanted to change our name for some time: it didn’t have a strong identity and with our app becoming increasingly popular, and being available in more and more countries, we felt like it was the right time. Now lismio is not just an app – it’s a brand!

Is your app really free?

Downloading and using the lismio app is completely free. However, to fully enjoy the listening experience you will need a premium Spotify subscription.

What do you do with my data?

You don’t need to set up a lismio account to use our app, but we recommend it in order to have the best possible experience. With an account, you can save titles to your library, set bookmarks, and - in future updates - get personal recommendations based on your listening patterns. But don’t worry, your data will remain private and will solely be used to make the app better.

What is your business model?

lismio is curated and operated by Zebralution: a digital media distributor. We work with audio publishers around the world to make their content available and discoverable on music streaming services. This means we benefit from their success as well.