What’s new lismio? (Woah, woah)

Now you have the lismio app, you can browse our extensive collection of full-length audiobooks. Discover gripping thrillers, heart-warming romances, engrossing biographies, and even hours of children's entertainment– the choice is all yours! 


But you might be wondering… where to start? To help you to decide on your next listen here are three of our recommendations: brand new to lismio and hand-picked by our team. (Psst: We are constantly adding new titles, so make sure you check-in often!) 


The Serpent King


Lose yourself in this page-turning historical adventure! The Serpent King by Tim Hodkinson is the epic fourth instalment in the Whale Road Chronicles. The latestnovel in this Viking themed series follows Einar Unnsson, a great warrior on the hunt for revenge. His mother's assassin has stolen her severed head(eew!)and Einar is hungry for his blood...  


In fact, if you’re new to the series why not start at the beginning for 50+ hours of great listening?  Odin’s Game is the perfect place to set sail.  



Stay a Little Longer


Get whisked away by Stay a Little Longer, a contemporary romance by Dawn Lanuza. The novel follows the unlikely relationship of Elan and Caty, as their friendship develops into something more. But with oceans between them, will they ever stay together long enough to discover... is this love? 


If you’re after an uplifting romance with a side of reality (que angst and indecision), this could be the pick for you.  



Twelve Caesars 


Learn about the influence of Roman autocrats on art, culture and representations of power with Britain’s favourite classicist. Mary Beard’s Twelve Caesars is brand new to lismio and is narrated by the author herself - a great choice for all history fans! 


Embark on an epic journey through 2,000 years cultural history and discover what the face of power truly looks like…